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Photographer for more than 20 years, my very first contact with photography was at an art school (Guinard) in the city of Belo Horizonte (MG-Brasil) using the basic Pin-Hole technique; learning about developing, red light, textures and papers tones and watching the image appear from a blank paper fascinated me.

I set up my own film processing lab and for six years, I explored the universe of Black and White photography, with special emphasis on the work of Ansel Adams, and his zone system. During this period I met and studied with some of the best professional photographers like David Aguilar, Zé de Boni, Miguel Aun, Eduardo Eckenfels among others.

For fifteen years my photographic interests ran in parallel with my life as an entrepreneur in the homeopathic pharmacy sector. For the last six years I’ve been dedicated exclusively to photography in diverse contexts, including unfunded and corporate sponsored social projects.

I live in the south of Bahia, in the Village of Santo André, my home base.


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